Sunday, July 24, 2011


Finished product
So I wanted to make my friend something special for her wedding. I wanted it unusual and functional. This is what I came up with, This is a glass cake stand. My friend loves my chocolate chip cookies so I made cylinders and put my cookies in there. I decorated each cylinder with either a wedding gown, tuxedo or dragonfly (she loves dragon flies). Her wedding was done in black,white and red roses. I topped each cylinder with red roses. I placed the glass dome on top then topped that with black ribbon and more red roses. I made a simple card and explained to her if she returns the roses and decorations I will make her second gift. My plan is to make her a shadowbox utilizing these decorations and showcase her invitations and a spot for a 4x6 photo. I tried to post some of the steps below of what I have done. I have included tutorials from Penny Duncan.


Dragonflies I learned from Penny Duncan  Here is her tutorial on that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aPuaqWVbRE&feature=player_embedded
Top of dome.  As you can see I made different size roses.

Just another view of finished product

The red ones had dragon flies in them

Here are the cylinders packed with cookies and topped with red roses

Here is how I started arranging them. I exchanged the green and put red in it's place. I then put the green in the middle. 
Thanks to Penny Duncan I made these red roses. They were easy to make. Just a little time consuming as I had to make around 25 of them. I carried them with me to the park and doctor offices to make them.  Here is the video she made. Just copy and paste onto browser or click on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLrowwWGvuI&feature=player_embedded
I printed these tuxedos out with my cricut. I used glossy glue to high light the collar. I realized after I wrapped the gift I forgot to put on the bow ties. There was no way I was going to unwrap all that just for bow ties.
As you can tell the tux has 3 layers. I stamped some black ink on the layer under the top so that there would be a little more of a darker shadow to show where the arms were bent.
I cut these cute dress forms out using my cricut and embellished with lace and dotted on glue and applied glass beads for the bodice.
This is one of the simple cylinders I made out of Bazille paper. I love the texture on this paper. I was able to place 4 cookies in each cylinder. I made 3 cylinders each of red,black,white and green. I folded the edges inward and cut circles out to glue on the bottom and top of each cylinder. The cylinders measured 6Hx8.5.L.