Sunday, August 14, 2011

This shows the wing in a down position revealing the Dragon lettering

I'm quite please at how this turned out. I spent many hours on this and it was well worth it

Using my coluzzle I cut out my letters on clear acrylic. I inked the acrylic with Tim Holtz alcohol ink before I cut them. I wanted it see through so you can see the castle tops in the background

Swotd detail. Cut out if metallic paper. I placed red stones for detail. I cut a slit on either side of his hand and slid the sword under it

This is the finished shield. I'm so proud at how it turned out. I used a lot of glossy accents by Inkessentials

The shield is made from metallic silver paper. I found a shield shape I liked under google images. Printed out the size I wanted traced it and cut it out. To add dimension I traced and cut out a border and added silver brads

This is our family Coat of Arms. I found it on the Internet taped a piece of clear acrylic over my computer screen and colored it with permanent marker. This will go on Daltons shield for his scrapbook page

Friday, August 5, 2011

Completed tongue and flames

I printed out a picture of a flame thrower and taped a piece of clear acrylic on top then used my puff paints to paint on the flames. Very easy to do. I just made small circles and copied the color below
So using these two colors I made my flames. If you make the circles in one spot these two colors will make orange.

Dragon paper piece for scrapbook page

The wings bend downward to cover his picture. It will need to be lifted to view the picture

Here is my dragon I made for my sons scrapbook page. I'm not good at posting tutorials but I did my best. However, you will need to go to the end of my posts and work forward. Sorry. I'm awful at computers

I added a beard. You can see the nose I placed. The teeth are ok but I did not know what else to do. It is such a small thing and tedious

I attached the head using thin pop dots. 

I realized the nose was not on his face. So I made it. The picture is blurry but you can tell that I cut a piece of red and black paper to make it. I used my white gel pen for the highlight now I gotta glue that on

This is the second wing that goes behind the dragon. As you can tell I did not need a complete wing as not much will be seen I highlighted using the same technique as the other wing

Finished product

I cream chalked the wings for deminsion. Then I used my Inkssentials white opaque pen for high lights

Third and final fiber layer

I glued it right under the first layer. I noticed this fiber laid one way so when  I got to the back I had to snip it and turn it the other way so it would lay naturally

This is my second layer. You can't tell but it's a little more shimmery

Almost done with this wing. Gotta shade it with my chalk and creams

This is the first of three layers of fiber to make up his back

I love these fibers!! I'm using them for his back

This is a closeup look at the patterned paper I used and the pearl puff paint claws

Here is the face. I'm still working on the teeth. Having a difficult time. I put a rhinestone for his eye. I cut a slit out and glued it behind that so it will have some inset dimension 

So here is some of the dragon I've already glued together. The wings and face are next. I've added my first layer of fibers for the back by hot glueing it on

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So I decided to scrapbook one of my son's school pictures. This one has a white background and he is sitting on the floor. All I can see is his red tshirt. I had no idea how I was going to scrapbook this photo. One day I was looking at his shirt and saw little dragons on it. AHA! I'll do a dragon slayer theme. Since then I have been looking for a dragon to paper piece. I have those wonderful Paper Studio textured papers that I thought would make an awesome dragon. I could not find the dragon I wanted. I looked everywhere like google,clipart,svg,images etc. I decided to save some of the dragons I liked and combine them into one. I used the wings of one, face of another and body of another. Printed them out on my printer and then taped the body parts together. I traced the image onto a piece of white cardstock then cut that out. I used that for my template as the cardstock is heavy duty unlike typing paper. It was a little difficult tracing and cutting the textured paper but well worth the effort.  I'm trying to make it 3D like so I'm layering as much as I can. I used the red and tan textured papers. I had some diffuculty with the tail but it will do. I wanted the wings to look as realistic as possible so I used transparent vellum.

Last night I glued on as many pieces as I could. I used Tulip pearl puff paint for the claws of the wings,hands and feet. Since the dragons wing will bend down to cover my sons picture I had to make the wing 2 sided so I had to have 2 wing templates. When you open the album to view the page you will have to lift up the wing to reveal his picture. Tonight I will do the claws on the other side of the wing. Oops I need to do the other wing too. Oh well. I'll have to do that tonight as well. I just gotta figure out how to do the teeth. I will probably do it in the Tulip pearl paint as well. Just a little scared I  might mess it up. I  will try to use a small thin brush and paint it on there. This has been fun so far. Can't wait to finish it and post the completed picture.  Oh and I'm bad at not saving my templates. I end up cutting them up for smaller layering templates....my bad? I suppose if anyone wants it I could reproduce it. Just let me know.
Blessings to everyone!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Finished product
So I wanted to make my friend something special for her wedding. I wanted it unusual and functional. This is what I came up with, This is a glass cake stand. My friend loves my chocolate chip cookies so I made cylinders and put my cookies in there. I decorated each cylinder with either a wedding gown, tuxedo or dragonfly (she loves dragon flies). Her wedding was done in black,white and red roses. I topped each cylinder with red roses. I placed the glass dome on top then topped that with black ribbon and more red roses. I made a simple card and explained to her if she returns the roses and decorations I will make her second gift. My plan is to make her a shadowbox utilizing these decorations and showcase her invitations and a spot for a 4x6 photo. I tried to post some of the steps below of what I have done. I have included tutorials from Penny Duncan.


Dragonflies I learned from Penny Duncan  Here is her tutorial on that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aPuaqWVbRE&feature=player_embedded
Top of dome.  As you can see I made different size roses.

Just another view of finished product

The red ones had dragon flies in them

Here are the cylinders packed with cookies and topped with red roses

Here is how I started arranging them. I exchanged the green and put red in it's place. I then put the green in the middle. 
Thanks to Penny Duncan I made these red roses. They were easy to make. Just a little time consuming as I had to make around 25 of them. I carried them with me to the park and doctor offices to make them.  Here is the video she made. Just copy and paste onto browser or click on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLrowwWGvuI&feature=player_embedded
I printed these tuxedos out with my cricut. I used glossy glue to high light the collar. I realized after I wrapped the gift I forgot to put on the bow ties. There was no way I was going to unwrap all that just for bow ties.
As you can tell the tux has 3 layers. I stamped some black ink on the layer under the top so that there would be a little more of a darker shadow to show where the arms were bent.
I cut these cute dress forms out using my cricut and embellished with lace and dotted on glue and applied glass beads for the bodice.
This is one of the simple cylinders I made out of Bazille paper. I love the texture on this paper. I was able to place 4 cookies in each cylinder. I made 3 cylinders each of red,black,white and green. I folded the edges inward and cut circles out to glue on the bottom and top of each cylinder. The cylinders measured 6Hx8.5.L.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Skillet logo

My son loves the Christian rock band Skillet. I repainted his room green (his favorite color) and then I painted a faint white cross on the wall. I found the skillet logo and changed it into an SVG using inkscape. I then cut it out on white vinyl and blotted some green paint onto the letters. I then placed the letters across the cross. It looks like a vertical glare but it's actually the white paint. It turned out pretty good. He loves it.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Words With Friends Thank you card

While my husband was in the hospital recovering from heart surgery I played a game called Words With Friends on my phone. This one person I work with played the game with me alot. This kept my sanity. I thought I would do a Thank you card for her. It was perfect. The picture does not do it justice but it was fun putting together. She loved it. Notice the letters on the bottom say "stupid". I'm always joking to her and saying stupid.  I thought her letters of choice would be cute to say stupid.

As you can tell the inside of the card is very plain. Maybe because I spent so much time on the outside. I made the front cover using SCAL on my cricut. Very easy to do. Still have not had time to figure out how to make SVG file to give away. One day I will learn it. Blessings, Susan

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frugal ideas

While at work yesterday I found some of those small hand spray sanitizers in our drawer. There was lots of them that an ambulance service had given us. They look just like Tim Holtz spray bottles. I took 8 of them home and emptied them into my hand sanitizer and used the bottles to make my sprays. He he I was so excited.
Another thing is the Cricut mats. I've decided to buy the 12 x 24 size. My thinking is I get 4-12x12 mats for $15 instead of buying the regular  2-12x12 mats for $10. I don't cut it which kinda makes it cumbersome when working with 12x12 papers but hey...it saves money!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Paper Studios decorative papers

I love the way Paper Studios has their homemade papers done. It is so fun crating pages with them. I did the purple purse in one of my posts with the alligator textured papers.  Then next picture I did with the turquoise alligator textured papers and In My Minds Eye papers. I love the way this came together. The color combination worked well. I actually cut out the bird from the paper and added some gloss and glitter to it. Everyone have a blessed day!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frank's surgery scrapbook pages

I chose to do his pages in orange,brown and turquoise.
The flowers are from Gabriella Pollaco's web
I hand sewed on an actual zipper onto the page protector. It is a little crooked but oh well. After I sewed it on then I cut the page protector so you can open it up and view my husbands scar from surgery.
Here is the opened zipper. It was difficult to attach the paper to the inside of the page protector under the zipper so the picture could only be viewed when opened.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine Box

I made these little boxes for the kids to decorate for cupid. It was very easy and quick as you can tell looking at the pictures. I have not decorated it yet but still thought I would post it for you to see. I traced the image with tracing paper onto red Bazille paper then cut it out. You might want to use a heavy cardstock for durability.  I scored the paper for easy folding. Then glued it together. Soooo easy. I was thinking of adding a ribbon handle and we could hang then. I tried to make it into an SVG but I'm not that talented enough yet to do that. I did try though. If somebody does convert to SVG please send me a copy. Thx and blessings.