Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So I decided to scrapbook one of my son's school pictures. This one has a white background and he is sitting on the floor. All I can see is his red tshirt. I had no idea how I was going to scrapbook this photo. One day I was looking at his shirt and saw little dragons on it. AHA! I'll do a dragon slayer theme. Since then I have been looking for a dragon to paper piece. I have those wonderful Paper Studio textured papers that I thought would make an awesome dragon. I could not find the dragon I wanted. I looked everywhere like google,clipart,svg,images etc. I decided to save some of the dragons I liked and combine them into one. I used the wings of one, face of another and body of another. Printed them out on my printer and then taped the body parts together. I traced the image onto a piece of white cardstock then cut that out. I used that for my template as the cardstock is heavy duty unlike typing paper. It was a little difficult tracing and cutting the textured paper but well worth the effort.  I'm trying to make it 3D like so I'm layering as much as I can. I used the red and tan textured papers. I had some diffuculty with the tail but it will do. I wanted the wings to look as realistic as possible so I used transparent vellum.

Last night I glued on as many pieces as I could. I used Tulip pearl puff paint for the claws of the wings,hands and feet. Since the dragons wing will bend down to cover my sons picture I had to make the wing 2 sided so I had to have 2 wing templates. When you open the album to view the page you will have to lift up the wing to reveal his picture. Tonight I will do the claws on the other side of the wing. Oops I need to do the other wing too. Oh well. I'll have to do that tonight as well. I just gotta figure out how to do the teeth. I will probably do it in the Tulip pearl paint as well. Just a little scared I  might mess it up. I  will try to use a small thin brush and paint it on there. This has been fun so far. Can't wait to finish it and post the completed picture.  Oh and I'm bad at not saving my templates. I end up cutting them up for smaller layering templates....my bad? I suppose if anyone wants it I could reproduce it. Just let me know.
Blessings to everyone!

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