Sunday, January 23, 2011

Purse and Picture frame present

Now here is a project I did for my daughters friend's birthday present. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought a black picture frame. She had a pic of both of them so I copied it on the printer in black and white and printed BFF under it. I put purple stickles on the BFF and place a sticker crown on one of the girls. I glued it onto a piece of homemade purple paper and added rhinestones to one side. I put a bow on the picture frame in purple and hung an embelishement from the bow.  I got the embelishement at our local grocery store. It was a pair of earrings. I thought they were ugly but knew I could use them for something else. Could not beat the $1 price tag. I placed a Chandalier that was cut out on my cricut on the front of the frame.
The next thing we did was make a purse to hold some money we were giving her. The template is here http://www.acherryontop.com/articles/Paper-Purse-Class-661.  Her bedroom theme is purple so that is why we chose that color. I got the purple paper at Hobby Lobby. It looks like alligator skin. I love the texture of this paper.  Perfect for a purse. The inside paper was also purchased at Hobby Lobby. Once again I had purchased the purple flower at our local grocery store. It was a hair piece. Not no more.  As you can see by the pictures the back of the purse was secured by brads.  The front flap is held in place by velcro. This was a fun project for me and my daughter to do together.

For the side of the purse I once again used some parts from earrings and put them together on a chain with some extra embelishements I had.

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  1. Super cute idea. I love it all! The purse is so adorable and what a great idea to add those earrings